Power Plant Workers Asbestos Exposure

Power plant workers and asbestos exposure remain a problem with consequences still felt today. Contractors often used asbestos-containing materials during the construction of power plants. Facilities constructed before 1978 pose the highest risk, but those built after could still contain asbestos materials.

Engineers Use of Asbestos in Power Plants

Industrial engineers widely used asbestos as electricity and heat insulator. Power plant equipment commonly utilized asbestos as the main component in shock-insulating barriers, boards, and soft insulation products. Wiring and piping insulation also frequently contained a high percentage of asbestos components, as did steam pipes and turbines.

Power Plant Survey

One survey of 7775 power plant employees found that the contingent faced heavy, repeated exposure to asbestos fibers as a whole. Those that worked in power generation faced the highest risk of exposure.

Power Plant Workers Asbestos Exposure and Related Cancer Risk

Corresponding with their high risk of exposure to asbestos-containing materials, power plant workers also face a high risk of related cancer conditions. These conditions can take decades to develop, owing to a long latency period. Most cases are therefore diagnosed at an extremely late stage, making quick action a necessity when pursuing compensation.

Power Plant Workers Studies

Studies of power plant workers note a high incidence of malignant mesothelioma. Lung cancer levels also typically occur at a relatively high rate compared to the typical population.

Case of Pleural Thickening

Notable cases include two Israeli former power plant workers admitted for severe chest pain. Physicians discovered significant pleural thickening in both, as well as highly evident pleural effusion. Effusion indicates a buildup of fluid in the chest, making breathing difficult and potentially impossible.