Asbestos Exposure Through Skin Contact

When workers or building occupants physically touch asbestos or touch areas where asbestos has settled, the small fibers can become lodged in or collect on the skin and cause irritation. Furthermore, these fibers can later become dislodged and cause secondary exposure to other people at work or in the home.

Health Risks of Asbestos Exposure by Skin Contact

Asbestos exposure through skin contact poses a high risk of swallowing or breathing in the asbestos after it has become disturbed. Often family members in the home are at risk of touching family members who brought asbestos home from work and washed clothing containing asbestos fibers. Over the years of working with asbestos materials workers could be exposed to other workers skin and the asbestos exposure can be transferred from one worker to another.

Direct contact between asbestos and the skin poses a risk of the material entering the body or the bloodstream, and there has been a strong link between skin contact with asbestos and mesothelioma of the abdomen known as peritoneal mesothelioma with the most common mesothelioma diagnosis being pleural mesothelioma.

Asbestos Through Skin Contact Lead to High-Risk Disease

Asbestos is a known carcinogen and is known to cause diseases such as mesothelioma or lung cancer many years after initial exposure. Mesothelioma and lung cancer have a long latency period before the diseases manifest themselves while the asbestos fibers are causing damage within the body.

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Asbestos Exposure Through Skin Contact Symptoms

The main health concern of asbestos skin exposure is that it is a red flag of sorts in regards to other potential exposures through inhalation or ingestion. Below are a few common symptoms:

  • Burning, itching sensation
  • Prickling pain or tingling
  • Redness, rashes

How Skin Exposure to Asbestos Occurs

Direct contact with materials that contain asbestos, or with surfaces that have been contaminated with asbestos is the most likely risk for asbestos skin exposure. The most common scenario is workers who physically handle materials that contain asbestos, like pipe insulation, without the proper protective gear to prevent the fibers from piercing their clothing.

Asbestos Exposure Lawsuits

If you or someone in your immediate family has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer from asbestos exposure you may be eligible to file claims against the companies responsible for your exposure, contact MesoWatch today. You will receive immediate assistance and free, confidential case evaluation.