The institution has warned that workers are affected due to the exposure of them not being aware of it. Factories and businesses where workers are exposed directly to asbestos are being urged to take precautionary measures to prevent their employees from getting affected due to it.

A study conducted by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health found that more than 5000 deaths are being reported annually due to constant exposure to the asbestos material. As you know, it initiates cancer.

Though the material was banned in the United Kingdom for more than 20 years, factories and other firms are still dealing with it on a regular basis, putting their workers at risk and harm. As of today, more than 100 companies are still using asbestos in their premises.

They are also non-compliant with the regulations of the asbestos material. According to a report released in the year 1999, the material is present in more than 500, 000 buildings in and around the United Kingdom, which is alarming.

The chief executive of Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, Bev Messinger, will be addressing a conference in Washington DC on International Asbestos Awareness, during the month of April.

Bev has said that “Though the dangerous material asbestos has been banned for more than 20 years as of now, it is still being used and handled by workers of all ages. Thus causing dangers to not only them but also others around them, which is highly unacceptable.”

He also added that “You can find courts fining offenders on a regular basis, which is a good thing, but those dealing with asbestos are walking scot-free without warnings or fines.” Human life is more valuable than the reputation of a commercial firm or plant.”

“The financial losses cannot be put ahead of lives when they are affected badly and eventually have to die due to mesothelioma.”