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The use of asbestos containing products and materials was very popular and played a major role in the development and expansion throughout the city of Houston. Shipyard and oil refinery workers between 1960 and 1980 were labeled as high risk victims in developing an asbestos related lung cancer and in rare cases mesothelioma.

In some rare cases family members in Houston can be victims of secondary exposure caused by the inhalation of the dangerous asbestos fibers that find their way into your home. For decades family members had suffered exposure due to household contact with individuals who worked with asbestos.

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Houston Asbestos Worksites

While asbestos has not been banned in the United States it is regulated products continue to be discovered which contain asbestos. Additionally, a number of worksites and buildings within the U.S., including Houston, continue to be linked with asbestos exposure cases on a daily basis.

  • Hudson Marine Shipyard
  • Shell Oil Building
  • Texaco Headquarters
  • Chronicle Building
  • Platzer Shipyard
  • Ellington Field Air Force Base
  • A.O. Smith/Armco Steel Mill
  • Continental Can Plant

The following is only a partial list of known Jobsites in the Houston area may have contained asbestos

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