Kentucky Mesothelioma Lawyers

Every day Kentucky mesothelioma lawyers face the tragedy of the state’s unfortunate history with asbestos. Kentucky is a state whose economy relies on industries such as oil refineries, power plants and even brewing companies.

While these industries form the backbone of a very strong, sustainable economy, the need for insulation against high heat and fire created a solution by the use of asbestos in which there were through which many people suffered the consequences of asbestos exposure. Asbestos is a mineral that occurs in nature and is ideal for such insulation purposes, but is also deadly when inhaled. Asbestos causes mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer.

If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with one of these asbestos-related illnesses, call the Kentucky asbestos lawyers at Mesowatch to discuss the details of your case. You may have the potential for a high valued asbestos exposure lawsuit and settlement.

Kentucky Asbestos Exposure Locations in Specific Cities & Counties

Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma in Kentucky

Today, laws are in place to protect people from exposure to asbestos, either deliberate or accidental. The removal and disposal of the material is mandatory, and occurs under strict oversight. Unfortunately, in decades past there were thousands of victims of asbestos exposure created by the asbestos industry in Kentucky. Many of these victims are only now seeing the consequences of this exposure, like mesothelioma or lung cancer caused from exposure to asbestos.

What makes the situation so tragic is that in days gone by, nobody knew that asbestos exposure Kentucky was dangerous. The material was seen as a positive thing, protecting workers and equipment from high heat that arose from friction, and the dangers of fire in all industries. It was used as insulation in homes, schools and businesses and even woven into personal protective clothing.

Sadly, even after people began to suspect the material might be dangerous, exposure to asbestos continued, with daily exposure across the board from heavy industry workers to simple homemakers. Innocent victims of asbestos exposure and mesothelioma illnesses in Kentucky are suffering the consequences of decades-old exposure to the material, which when inhaled can lie in wait within your body for many years before you get sick.

If either you or any loved one has been exposed to asbestos in Kentucky and now has mesothelioma, lung cancer or asbestosis, there is help and there is hope. Get in touch with a Kentucky mesothelioma lawyer today and have a free case evaluation to learn how you may be entitled to financial compensation.

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Industries Associated with Asbestos in Kentucky

Incidents of Kentucky asbestos occupational exposure are most often seen in oil refineries, in power plants that run our whole state, and in brewing companies and bottling plants. These industries all tend to expose workers and machinery to high degrees of heat and even the potential for fire, and as such protection against the heat is necessary. The asbestos industry of Kentucky took advantage of this.

It’s impossible to count the exact numbers, but over the years there have likely been  thousands of people who have suffered occupational exposure to asbestos in Kentucky. These numbers increase drastically when one takes into account that secondary asbestos exposure occurs when fibers are carried away from the work site in hair and skin, on clothing and bags, and taken home where family members are then exposed.

Kentucky asbestos occupational exposure has taken too many lives, and it will be years before an end is in sight. There is hope and help available, however. If you or one of your family has mesothelioma, lung cancer or another disease related to asbestos, call for legal help to discuss the potential for compensation.

Asbestos High Risk Occupations in the State of Kentucky

  • Chemical Plant Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Demolition Workers
  • Drywall Installers
  • Electricians
  • Firefighters
  • Floor Covering Workers
  • Glaziers
  • Grinders
  • Hod Carriers
  • HVAC Mechanics
  • Insulators
  • Ironworkers
  • Linotype Technicians
  • Longshoremen
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Metal Workers
  • Millwrights
  • Mine Workers
  • Oil Refinery Workers
  • Operating Engineers
  • Painters
  • Pipefitters
  • Plasterers
  • Plumbers
  • Power Plant Workers
  • Railroad Workers
  • Refinery workers
  • Roofers
  • Sheet Metal Workers
  • Shipbuilders
  • Steamfitters
  • Steel Mill Workers
  • Textile Mill Workers
  • Tile Setters
  • Welders

Potentially Liable Parties Associated with Asbestos Exposure in Kentucky

  • Ashland
    • Armco Steel
    • Ashland, Inc.
    • Ashland Refinery
  • Barbourville
    • H & R Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
  • Bowling Green
    • General Motors
    • Union Yarn Mills, Inc.
    • Winfield Cotton Mill, Inc.
  • Burlington
    • Boone County Planning Commission
  • Danville
    • ATR Wire & Cable Co., Inc.
    • Johnsons Masonry
    • Matsushita Company
    • Whirlpool Corp.
  • Erlanger
    • Reuhl Flooring
  • Florence
    • Braxton's Dry Cleaners
  • Fort Knox
    • U.S. Army Armor Center
  • Georgetown
    • Toyota Motor Corp.
  • Ghent
    • National Valve
  • Horse Branch
    • P & L Railroad
  • Kevil
    • F. H. McGraw Construction
    • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Lexington
    • G F Vaughan Tobacco Co., Inc.
    • GF Vaughn Company
    • Pittsburgh Plate Glass
  • London
    • Concrete Block Factory
    • Monument Shop
  • Louisa
    • Louisa Powerhouse
  • Louisville
    • American Creosoting Corp.
    • DuPont
    • Girdler Corporation
    • Grayhawk, LLC
    • IC Railroad
    • Illinois Central
    • James E. Smith & Sons, Inc.
    • Kock Corporation
    • Louisville Air Conditioning
    • Paramount Foods
    • Sears
    • Standard Oil Company
    • Stewart Mechanical Enterprises
    • The Gridler Engineering, Inc.
    • Wimberly & Thomas Hardware
  • Madisonville
    • Austin Powder
  • Middlesboro
    • Harbert Construction
  • Murray
    • McKeel Equipment Co.
  • Paducah
    • Atomic Energy Commission Plant
    • Kellogg Company
  • Premium
    • Big Four Coal Corp.
    • Johns Tom Coal Co.
  • Providence
    • Harris Construction
  • Roberts
    • Hudson's Foods
  • Sandy Hook
    • MICO Manufacturing
  • St. Matthews
    • Sears
  • White Plains
    • Whitaker's Coal Mine

Mesothelioma Law Firm in Kentucky

People who are diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer or another asbestos-related illness have their lives turned upside down. These diseases are devastating to those diagnosed; you feel like you’ve got nowhere to turn. You’re full of anger and blame, but you don’t know how to get justice for your suffering. The best asbestos law firms Kentucky can help you take advantage of the legal options available for just this purpose. Mesowatch is here to provide you with these options. We have a caring legal team with over a century of combined experience with the law and the asbestos industry, and we are ready to listen to you.

Let us discuss your Kentucky asbestos case and start on the road for a settlement. Mesowatch exists only to help victims suffering with asbestos-related diseases. Our only concern is to help such people find justice. Our asbestos exposure and mesothelioma law firm knows the law, the disease, and the asbestos industry, and we can help. Give us a call today.

Mesothelioma Settlements in Kentucky

With so many asbestos-related victims out there, it stands to reason that there have been a lot of lawsuits. In fact, to date the courts have handed out Kentucky asbestos lawsuit settlements that amount in the millions of dollars, with hundreds of cases overall. Some of these cases have even exceeded $4 million. Here are some notable asbestos lawsuits settlements Kentucky in recent years.

A plant worker who also suffered household exposure, at the age of 62 and afflicted with mesothelioma, was awarded a $4.7 million settlement. A 67-year-old laborer obtained $2.3 million in an asbestos settlement Kentucky. At the age of 74, a Navy veteran and pipe fitter received $1.8 million, and a 76-year-old Navy warehouse worker got $1.6 million.

These are just a few lawsuit settlements that have come down in the past decade or so.  A Kentucky asbestos lawsuit settlement for you could be the first important step in getting control back of your life. Don’t let the uncertainty and fear of your mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer diagnosis stop you from taking the actions necessary. Call for legal help today.

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Asbestos Laws and Mesothelioma Statute of Limitations in Kentucky

While there are laws that can help protect people from future asbestos exposure, and that can be used to get a high-value settlement, it takes help. You need someone who knows the law and someone you can trust to keep the case on the straight and narrow while you navigate the murky waters of Kentucky asbestos law and personal injury asbestos exposure cases. A trusted legal ally can help you get the compensation you need to set things right.

Kentucky Asbestos Law

While the current laws in place protect people from exposure to harmful asbestos, there weren’t any important Kentucky asbestos laws and regulations before the 1970s. These laws evolved into the 1980s and current Kentucky laws on asbestos are quite stringent in providing regulation and oversight in terms of removal and abatement of the asbestos problem in the state.

Asbestos laws in Kentucky fall under the jurisdiction of the state’s Energy and Environment Cabinet and the Department for Environmental Protection. The DEP’s Division for Air quality regulations 401 KAR 58 provides detailed regulations and rules for removal of asbestos and accreditation of professionals to serve in this capacity. It also, in conjunction with federal NESHAP regulations, protects people from future exposure to the material. Asbestos may not be used in new construction and must be properly removed and disposed of from existing buildings and worksites where it is found.

Of course, product liability and personal injury law also provide relief for those who have been diagnosed with illnesses like mesothelioma or lung cancer from prior asbestos exposure. For those in a similar situation, it’s vital to have a trusted ally who knows how to use the law to obtain a maximum compensation through a lawsuit and settlement in Kentucky. Call for help today to discuss your case and find out how Kentucky mesothelioma and asbestos exposure lawyers can help you to recover for your losses and seek financial compensation.

Kentucky Statute of Limitations on Asbestos and Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Unfortunately, even though there is a potential for millions of dollars in asbestos settlements Kentucky, getting there requires making the right moves at the right times. You need to understand how the law works and what limitations are in place so that you don’t make a crucial mistake that can cost you your settlement. Personal injury laws have an important limiting factor called a statute of limitations, which is a time limit during which you can file a lawsuit to get compensation for mesothelioma, lung cancer or another asbestos-related disease.

The timeframe for asbestos lawsuits Kentucky is very short, which means that you need to make a move quickly after your diagnosis of an illness related to exposure. In Kentucky, the statute of limitations is one year from the date you are diagnosed with an illness to file a lawsuit, or one year from the date that a loved one dies from mesothelioma or asbestos related illness to file a wrongful death lawsuit. It’s important to understand that the clock starts ticking from the date of diagnosis or death, not exposure.

Time is limited to seek compensation for your illnesses and gather the necessary evidence to build a successful lawsuit. Call today today to get started with your lawsuit and achieve a favorable settlement.

Asbestos-Related Deaths in Kentucky by Numbers

CountyNumber of Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)Average Asbestos-Related Deaths Per YearPOPESTIMATE2015
Jefferson County48332763623
Fayette County785314488
Kenton County694165012
Boone County563127712
Warren County634122851
Hardin County453106439
Daviess County43299259
Campbell County59392066
Madison County35287824
Bullitt County31278702
Christian County33273309
McCracken County81565018
Oldham County51364875
Pulaski County27163782
Pike County30261792
Laurel County26160094
Scott County19152420
Jessamine County20151961
Franklin County22150375
Boyd County102648325
Henderson County38246407
Hopkins County21146222
Shelby County17145632
Nelson County19145126
Barren County18143570
Calloway County16N/A38343
Floyd County18137756
Graves County38237421
Whitley County16N/A36129
Greenup County65436068
Clark County16N/A35757
Knox County14N/A31730
Muhlenberg County14N/A31183
Marshall County56331101
Boyle County13N/A29809
Meade County13N/A27924
Harlan County14N/A27703
Montgomery County11N/A27608
Perry County13N/A27565
Bell County13N/A27337
Carter County12N/A27158
Logan County12N/A26910
Grayson County11N/A26221
Woodford County11N/A25793
Taylor County11N/A25420
Grant County11N/A24757
Lincoln County11N/A24463
Ohio County11N/A24216
Rowan County10N/A23892
Johnson County11N/A23175
Letcher County11N/A23123
Mercer County10N/A21407
Clay County10N/A21013
Magoffin County43212808
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Asbestos-Related Deaths in Kentucky by Rate

CountyEstimated Number of Asbestos-Related Deaths (1999-2013)Asbestos-Related Death Rate Per 100,000 PeoplePOPESTIMATE2015
Jefferson County4834.4763623
Fayette County781.8314488
Kenton County692.9165012
Boone County563.5127712
Warren County634122851
Campbell County594.492066
McCracken County818.265018
Oldham County516.164875
Boyd County10213.748325
Henderson County385.546407
Graves County386.837421
Greenup County6511.736068
Marshall County561231101
Magoffin County4321.612808
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Asbestos Exposure Victims and Asbestos-Related Diseases in the Kentucky State

One of the worst things about asbestos-related illnesses is that they are nearly always fatal. New treatments are always on the horizon and if you suffer such an illness you should always fight for your health, but you also need to be aware of the kinds of health concerns that exist for victims of asbestos exposure. Since the material is so insidious and can take many years to cause sickness, knowing the diseases that arise from exposure can help you understand your diagnosis.

Mesothelioma Treatment in Kentucky

When you face an asbestos-related illness like mesothelioma, you need to fight 100% to get well, taking advantage of all the latest treatments available. Mesothelioma treatments in Kentucky are available for victims of asbestos exposure. There are top mesothelioma cancer centers in Kentucky which can help you get on the road to recovery as you explore every medical and legal option.

Kentucky Asbestos Treatment Options

There’s no denying that cancer treatments in Kentucky are very expensive and can put a lot of stress and strain on your life which may already feel like it’s spiraling out of control. You can get compensation for your illness that can help you pay those expensive bills and get control of your life back once more, but it’s important to call for help. Legal help is immediately available to discuss your case and obtain the maximum possible compensation under the law.

Contact a Mesothelioma Lawyer in Kentucky

If you, a family member or a loved one is suffering or has died from mesothelioma or lung cancer, getting a settlement requires fast action. Contact Mesowatch for a free case evaluation to learn how we can help you get the money you deserve. Contact us today online or by calling our toll free hotline at (800) 956-9876.
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