Compensation for asbestos exposure victims refers to repayment for any losses you or your family has suffered as a result of an asbestos-related disease like mesothelioma or lung cancer. Asbestos lawsuits allow individuals to sue for damages to liable parties like asbestos product companies, employers, insurers, and more.

If you have a documentable work history or other types of asbestos exposure, you can seek recovery through the legal system and bankruptcy trust funds available for asbestos-related injuries. Damages like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of companionship can be compensated through identifying and holding liable all possible parties who may be responsible for your exposure to asbestos. Types of compensation for asbestos-related health conditions include the following:

Medical Bills

Treatment for asbestos cancer conditions can go well above six figures. Even with insurance, copayments, service fees and other expenses add up quickly. Your premiums are also likely to rise, increasing your medical debt burden. Compensation for asbestos injuries allows victims to recoup these medical losses, pay off their debt and afford the care they need to make their remaining lifespan more bearable. Victims and their families should never be burdened with medical bills that resulted from some other liable party’s mistakes.

Lost Wages

Individuals who were earning an income before their asbestos-related condition lose out on all those healthy working days they had left. If they were relatively young, such as 39-year-old Kris Penny, who developed mesothelioma in 2014, they would have had several decades worth of earned wages to help support themselves and their families. Asbestos lawsuits can recover these lost wages, bringing back much-needed income to support families and the lifestyles they were accustomed to.

Pain and Suffering

The price of medical treatment cannot measure the intense pain and discomfort of cancer patients experience. Pain and suffering compensation attempts to retrieve financial restitution for this suffering, allowing those who suffered from asbestos exposure to be made whole for the trauma they have had to endure.

Loss of Consortium

Family members who would normally be able to enjoy the company of their spouse must instead be left without them. This tragic situation means that normal, happy life is far more difficult to maintain. Victims’ families can file a claim for compensation for the emotional suffering and unquantifiable loss of companionship with the victim, which are both the responsibility of the tortfeasor.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses include any costs that would not have been encountered had the victim not developed asbestos cancer. These expenses include travel to see specialists, hotel rooms when getting treatment out-of-town, gas and mileage for local trips and more.

Home Care

Many asbestos exposure victims end up needing around-the-clock home care to maintain their health. Medical equipment is also often needed in addition to labor. Sometimes housing modifications must be made, such as widening an entryway to fit an adjustable bed through. All of these expenses can be compensated for through filing a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Funeral Expenses

Sadly, asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma are fatal. Resulting funeral expenses can often end up being outside the means of the victim’s family. That, or they can severely impact their financial solvency. Compensation for funeral expenses of asbestos victims ensures that no family has to face an undue burden in addition to the pain and suffering they encounter.

Punitive and Exemplary Damages

In certain cases, courts will decide that the actions of a liable party are excessively negligent, intentional or malicious. Courts will assess punitive damages in these instances, which punish the liable party for their actions and make an example of them to others. Judges or juries quantify punitive and exemplary damages based on the extent of other existing damages and the actions of the liable party. The primary purpose is to deter others from performing the same negligent or intentional actions as the liable party.

Compensation Items for Asbestos Exposure from Bankruptcy Trusts

Many high-risk asbestos exposure industries who manufactured asbestos or subjected workers to asbestos-contaminated conditions formed bankruptcy trusts. These trusts serve as a means to compensate for the past and future victims of their expected exposure-related illnesses. The original company will dissolve, leaving behind only the bankruptcy trusts. These trusts can be an immediate and accessible source of compensation funds for asbestos exposure victims.

Getting Help

If you are a victim of asbestos exposure it is urgent to have an experienced legal team on your side to ensure maximum compensation is obtained through the legal process against every liable party and all available trust funds are recovered timely.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a condition related to asbestos exposure, contact Mesowatch today. Acting quickly provides the best chance of receiving maximum compensation from all responsible parties. You will receive immediate assistance and free, confidential case evaluation. Our team of the Nation’s best mesothelioma lawyers will have the knowledge, experience, and resources to identify all liable parties and access compensation quickly.