Financial Assistance for Asbestos Exposure

Securing a trial or settlement negotiation is the best chance asbestos exposure victims have for obtaining the compensation they need to pay fully for the damages caused. Yet, these trials take time, and many people need assistance immediately to remain financially solvent. It is important to look for the following general financial assistance categories immediately after discovering you may have developed an illness such as mesothelioma or lung cancer after being exposed to asbestos.

Trust Funds For Victims of Asbestos Exposure

Settlements with asbestos trust funds represent the most immediate source of financial compensation from the parties liable for your asbestos exposure. There is a wide range of asbestos trust funds which may be available for you and it is important for your legal team to determine each and every trust fund available based on your work history of asbestos exposure and the different types of products you may have been exposed to.

The trust funds have been created for asbestos injury claimants by companies that had to declare bankruptcy due to the extent of their potential asbestos-related liabilities. There are billions of dollars in trust funds made available over the last several decades and many more new trust funds are still being created today.

Private Insurance

Private insurance can help cover a large portion of your medical costs, leaving you with just copayments and the premiums you must pay to maintain your policy. Policyholders for private insurance gain an advantage in that insurers will negotiate with healthcare providers to reduce the total financial burden they must cover. Not every procedure will be covered, however, often limiting your options based on your carrier’s policies or who happens to be in their physician network. You can also work with a health insurance agent to help you find a subsidized insurance policy that meets your needs on your state or national health insurance exchange.

Medicare and Medicaid

The U.S. provides Medicare and Medicaid insurance coverage for individuals who meet the required level of care. Medicaid supports younger and middle-aged people who have limited income needs, including possibly supplementing insurance premium costs. Medicare supports older adults or adults who have disabilities limiting their ability to work. Contact a Medicare or Medicaid insurance specialist to see what options are available to you.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance most frequently covers a loss of income or any increased expenses that result from a disability. Since conditions like mesothelioma and lung cancer are extremely debilitating, policyholders may qualify for long term disability benefits coverage (LTD).

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Social Security Disability

Individuals who have limited mobility or ability to work may qualify for supplemental disability assistance from social security.

Community Organizations

Seek help from community organizations like churches, local advocacy groups, support groups in the community, or charities that may be able to aid asbestos exposure victims. They may provide direct financial assistance, emotional support, or indirect assistance such as canned goods or volunteer assistance such as an in-home care assistant.

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