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New Hampshire mesothelioma lawyers understand the incredibly difficult time you and your family are facing If diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease such as mesothelioma or lung cancer, everything can change. New Hampshire mesothelioma lawyers will accept your case on contingency fee meaning there is no upfront cost to file your claim. The lawyers at MesoWatch will represent victims of mesothelioma cancer throughout the United States, we are here to assist New Hampshire families to recover damages through mesothelioma lawsuits.

New Hampshire Asbestos Exposure Locations in Specific Cities & Counties

Do you know where your asbestos exposure took place in New Hampshire?

Asbestos Exposure & Mesothelioma in New Hampshire

During the Industrial Revolution, New Hampshire asbestos regulations didn’t exist; the mineral was actually seen as important for use, an unparalleled defense against the dangers of high heat and fire. It was used in just about industry, from military shipyards to construction to manufacturing and production. It was even used in protective clothing whose purpose was to protect workers from fire and heat. Asbestos was even used in homes and schools as insulation.

Originally, there was no knowledge or understanding of the dangers of asbestos; it was known only for its resilience against heat and flame, and its insulation properties. The levels of negligent exposure to this deadly substance in the past are shocking by today’s standards. Thousands of people every year were victims of exposure to asbestos and now, many decades later, we are still seeing the consequences of this carelessness.

If you or a dear loved one are among these unfortunate victims who now have mesothelioma, asbestosis, or lung cancer, seek legal help today, have a case evaluation and learn how you may be eligible for compensation from all liable parties under the law.

Industries Associated with Asbestos in New Hampshire

High-Risk Asbestos Exposure Industries in New Hampshire

New Hampshire asbestos occupational exposure is generally seen among workers employed in the military, working on Navy shipyards, and can also be found among workers in the power plants that generate our state’s electricity.

Almost any sector of product manufacturing, construction or heavy industry carries the danger of exposure. New Hampshire residents who worked in such careers were surrounded by asbestos in heavy machinery and equipment, in personal protective clothing, in specialized workspaces, gaskets, and even insulation. Exposure was a foregone conclusion.

New Hampshire asbestos occupational exposure could also be carried away from the workplace when fibers got caught in peoples’ clothing, in their hair and on their skin, and even in tool and equipment duffels. These fibers would be carried home and released into the air, creating the chance for secondary exposure among family and friends.

Many thousands of innocent people have had their lives destroyed by New Hampshire asbestos occupational exposure over the decades, and we’ll continue to see these consequences for years to come. Perhaps the only good news is that people whose lives have been damaged by asbestos-related illnesses can get help in the form of financial compensation for their illness.

If this is you, it only takes a phone call or email to secure a free case evaluation to discuss your qualification for a New Hampshire asbestos lawsuit and settlement.

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High Risk Asbestos Exposure Occupations in New Hampshire

Below is a list of high-risk occupations known to be associated with high levels of asbestos exposure in New Hampshire:

  • Asbestos Mine Workers
  • Asbestos Plant Workers
  • Auto manufacturers
  • Auto mechanics
  • Blacksmiths
  • Boilermakers
  • Bricklayers
  • Building
  • Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Cement Plant Workers
  • Chemical Plant Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Demolition Workers
  • Drywall Installers
  • Electricians
  • Firefighters
  • Floor Covering Workers
  • Glaziers
  • Grinders
  • Hod Carriers
  • HVAC Mechanics
  • Insulators
  • Ironworkers
  • Linotype Technicians
  • Longshoremen
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Metal Workers
  • Millwrights
  • Mine Workers
  • Oil Refinery Workers
  • Operating Engineers
  • Painters
  • Pipefitters
  • Plasterers
  • Plumbers
  • Power Plant Workers
  • Railroad Workers
  • Refinery workers
  • Roofers
  • Sheet Metal Workers

Work Sites Associated with Asbestos Exposure in New Hampshire

There have been a number of work sites in New Hampshire have been linked to asbestos exposure. Following is a partial list of those sites that have been linked over the past years. Please understand this is not a complete list, and it does not reflect conditions currently.

Company List

Mesothelioma Law Firm Serving New Hampshire

It is known that long term asbestos exposure will lead to developing mesothelioma, lung cancer other serious asbestos-related diseases. Worksite, military and secondary asbestos exposure in New Hampshire has a history of being a serious problem and will continue until regulations are put in place. Medical expenses for asbestos-related conditions are very expensive, If you are considering filing a mesothelioma lawsuit, we will connect you with a leading New Hampshire mesothelioma law firm that will accept your case on contingency fee meaning there is no up front cost to file your claim.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more so we can help you get compensation and hold responsible companies accountable for their negligence. Continue reading to learn about New Hampshire laws which specifically deal with mesothelioma and asbestos. We also provide crucial information about the statute of limitations for filing a mesothelioma lawsuit in New Hampshire.

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Mesothelioma Settlements in New Hampshire

Many people suffering from mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis wonder if there’s any justice at all for their illness. The truth is, there have been a number of asbestos lawsuits New Hampshire and across the United States. These lawsuits have been benchmark cases and cash awards in the tens of millions have been handed down.

In most cases, awards for mesothelioma lawsuit payouts New Hampshire will be in the range of less than $1 million to $3 million, but these can still go a long way towards paying for your cancer treatments and getting back your freedom and control of your life. Awards have been handed down to people of all ages and careers, from military veterans to homemakers exposed to asbestos insulation.

The New Hampshire mesothelioma settlement cases in the past decade have truly run the range of awards, ages, and careers. If you or a family member have mesothelioma or lung cancer or asbestosis, seek legal help today. A New Hampshire asbestos law firm can help you get the settlement you deserve, and you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by discussing the details of your case today.

Asbestos Laws and Statute of Limitations in New Hampshire

If you have been given a devastating diagnosis like mesothelioma or lung cancer from past asbestos exposure, you’ll need a trusted ally who can help you through the murky waters of filing a lawsuit for compensation. New Hampshire asbestos laws, just like any state, can be tricky and you want to take the right steps at the right time to make sure that you are protected. You’re not alone in this fight; there are qualified and experienced New Hampshire asbestos law firms who can help.

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New Hampshire Asbestos Laws

Many people are stunned to discover that there were no New Hampshire asbestos laws on the books at all before around the 1970s. Indeed, there weren’t even federal laws before that point. This is because people didn’t know early on that the material was dangerous, and then, even after the dangers began to show their faces, the asbestos industry in New Hampshire made sure that extensive studies were done before the laws were put on the books. This lead to far too many people becoming victims of asbestos exposure before laws evolved throughout the 1980s.

In New Hampshire, asbestos laws are under the jurisdiction of the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services. The particular laws and regulatory codes of note are Env-A 1800: Asbestos Management and Control, Env-Sw 900: Management of Certain Wastes and RSA 141-E: Asbestos Management and Control. In combination with the federal laws, these exist to protect both people and the environment from exposure to this deadly mineral in the future. Victims can also leverage product liability and personal injury laws to file claims of compensation for asbestos-related illness.

New Hampshire asbestos and the law are constantly evolving and improving, but victims of exposure who face an asbestos-related sickness need legal help to fight for their right and get the highest possible compensation under the law. There are experienced New Hampshire asbestos attorneys who can help you leverage the maximum out of the laws and fight for your rights, making sure the responsible parties are held accountable.

If you or a loved one has had their life seriously impacted by a diagnosis of lung cancer, mesothelioma, or asbestosis due to asbestos exposure, call for help today. Find out how New Hampshire asbestos law can protect you.

New Hampshire Mesothelioma Statute of Limitations

Every law has its limitations and New Hampshire mesothelioma lawsuits are no different. Filed as personal injury negligence and product liability suits, these cases can have lucrative payouts, but are also subject to strict regulations—a single misstep or missed deadline can cost you a great deal.

It’s important for you to understand certain limits that the law has before you go in, one of the most important of which is called the statute of limitations. Most laws have a statute of limitations, and what this means is that there’s only a limited amount of time in which you can file for your mesothelioma lawsuit in New Hampshire should you become ill.

In the state of New Hampshire, you have a time window of three years from the date of diagnosis with mesothelioma or lung cancer, or if you lose a loved one to such an illness, three years from the date your loved one dies for a wrongful death lawsuit.

You must file mesothelioma asbestos lawsuits New Hampshire within this timeframe. Missing this deadline by even a single day could mean the difference between a high-value payout and not receiving your settlement.

In the end, this means that you should never put off filing your lawsuit. If you have mesothelioma or asbestos illness, you need to call upon an experienced asbestos law firm for help getting started. It only takes a phone call to set up a case evaluation and get started.

Asbestos-Related Diseases in New Hampshire

Victims of asbestos exposure incur the risk of contracting health conditions that are often terminal. An asbestos-related diagnosis has a long latency period so the disease can occur later in life and decades after the exposure. So many people who are diagnosed with an asbestos exposure illness such as mesothelioma or lung cancer often don’t make the connection between their asbestos exposure in the past and their failing health in the present. That’s why it’s important to understand the main types of health ailments that asbestos exposure can cause. Here we provide a visual chart with data for New Hampshire on asbestos-related statistics

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that attacks the mesothelium, the membrane that lines our heart, chest cavity, lungs, digestive system, and reproductive organs. Unfortunately, a mesothelioma diagnosis is fatal. Experts are now recognizing that the primary cause of mesothelioma is asbestos exposure. That’s why all mesothelioma sufferers are treated as having been exposed to asbestos at one time or another.

Lung cancer is another potentially fatal risk of asbestos exposure and potentially the most common and devastating consequence of exposure to asbestos. Accumulating accurate data regarding the number of asbestos-related lung cancer deaths can be difficult, but it is believed that asbestos-related cancer is responsible for more deaths than mesothelioma or asbestosis. Those diagnosed with lung cancer who may have been exposed to asbestos in the past may discover that it was, in fact, this exposure that caused their illness.

Asbestosis is an illness caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers, which become caught in our lungs, creating scar tissue and causing the overgrowth of lung tissue (fibrosis). Those afflicted with asbestosis have serious respiratory issues, which can lead to heart failure and lung cancer. There is no cure and asbestosis is often not accurately diagnosed since the symptoms are similar to other respiratory ailments.

Mesothelioma Treatment Centers in New Hampshire

Although there is no cure for mesothelioma and another asbestos-related diagnosis, there are treatment options for mesothelioma available to potentially improve one’s prognosis and quality of life. Below is a list of mesothelioma cancer treatment centers in New Hampshire:

Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical CenterOne Medical Center Drive,Barbara E. Rubin BuildingLebanon, NH, 3756

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