Lawsuit Discovery Process

When an asbestos exposure lawsuit is filed, the defending party has a limited amount of time to respond to the lawsuit. This is typically 30 days after service of process and will vary by state and local laws. Once the asbestos lawsuit is answered, the case has a set period of time in which to find and collect enough evidence to create a compelling case. This period of time is called the “Discovery Period,” and any evidence procured during the discovery process will affect the outcome of the case.

Mesothelioma Lawsuit Discovery Process

There are many different types of discovery items that should be amassed during the discovery period, which varies depending on the circumstances surrounding each case. Having an experienced mesothelioma law firm by your side will help you feel comfortable throughout the asbestos lawsuit discovery process and greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome in the trial. Mesowatch’s experienced legal team often moves quickly through the discovery period by commanding respect through their many years of experience, a strong track record of large verdicts and settlements, and unlimited resources needed to prosecute every defendant liable for your asbestos exposure. Our legal team has secured settlements within six months of beginning a mesothelioma lawsuit.

Medical Documentation

The right medical documentation is critical when filing an asbestos lawsuit because there must be a documentable diagnosis of an asbestos-related condition like mesothelioma or lung cancer. A confirmable mesothelioma diagnosis or asbestos-related cancer diagnosis should be presented using tests, imaging and other procedures performed by reputable, experienced mesothelioma or lung cancer pathologist. Mesowatch can help determine if the right medical documentation is included in the asbestos lawsuit discovery process or refer you to an experienced pathologist if you are not confident that your asbestos exposure illness has been properly diagnosed.

Work History Documents

Working as a team, Mesowatch’s team of nationwide asbestos lawyers work quickly through the process of assembling work documentation using their decades of experience, team approach, and unlimited resources to ensure the necessary work documentation is presented in the discovery process. Examples are pay stubs, memorandums regarding work assignments, photographs of work occurring or correspondence corroborating that the plaintiff was at the location stated, at the date stated, can all serve to prove that asbestos exposure could have occurred at a certain time and date.


In addition to documents, finding co-workers who can corroborate the narrative of what work was performed, what the conditions were like and how probable asbestos exposure would have been, can add significant corroboration to the plaintiff’s testimony. The Mesowatch legal team will act quickly to interview all witnesses who may have any knowledge of the asbestos conditions of the workplace and your possible exposure to the asbestos.

Expert Witnesses

Expert Witnesses are witnesses who have specialized knowledge in fields such as lung cancer and mesothelioma diagnosis procedures. The proper medical experts are needed to ensure a successful outcome at trial after the discovery process. Our legal team will spare no expense in hiring the best expert witnesses in the nation to achieve the best results for your case.

Life History

The defense will attempt to discredit an asbestos exposure lawsuit by alleging that the victim’s illnesses were caused by a source other than asbestos exposure. Possible defenses will be that the plaintiff had a history of smoking, age or genetics led to the plaintiff getting sick. Mesowatch’s legal team will provide all resources available to prove the asbestos exposure caused your illness and have seen all the defendants tactics before.

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Statute of Limitations

Defendants will allege in many instances that the plaintiff has exceeded the statute of limitations and should have known sooner that they had been exposed to asbestos or became ill from their asbestos exposure. By contacting our legal team quickly we will have a much better chance of succeeding against any state’s statute of limitations laws.

Time Sensitivity

Our legal team must go back many years after exposure to asbestos to find the relevant evidence needed for the asbestos exposure lawsuit discovery process due to the latency period of the asbestos exposure diseases being 10-40 years. It is important to contact us immediately after you suspect you may have an asbestos exposure-related illness, as we are ready and waiting to act quickly to gather the relevant evidence.

Consult With Mesothelioma Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or an asbestos-related cancer condition, contact MesoWatch today. You will receive a free, confidential case evaluation and immediate assistance. You will also connect with our nationwide team of mesothelioma attorneys. Acting quickly provides the best chance of identifying all liable parties and pursue the maximum possible compensation for your loss, start your case today.