Mesothelioma Lawyers

Mesowatch is here to help victims who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer seek compensation. Our legal team includes some of the best lawyers for mesothelioma cases in the country, with 20+ years of experience in asbestos litigation.

Get Immediate Financial Relief

A mesothelioma diagnosis can leave patients and their families in dire financial straits; past and future medical bills, lost wages, and travel expenses all add up quickly.

Patients and their families have a variety of legal options to recover damages quickly to provide relief for their families.

An experienced mesothelioma lawyer helps patients and their families get the money they deserve as fast as possible. Options include:

Your mesothelioma lawyer will help you to understand each legal option, manage the entire process so you can focus on your treatment, and advocate on your behalf to ensure you receive the most money possible.

Some cases can go to trial in as little as six months, and some trust fund claims payout almost immediately.

Contacting Mesothelioma Lawyers for an Initial Case Evaluation

Every asbestos lawsuit is different and is dependent on several variables. An experienced litigator will recognize the right strategies for your specific case.

First, you will contact a qualified mesothelioma law firm. During this initial phone call, you will speak to a legal advisor who will ask about your work history, which may have led to asbestos exposure and resulting exposure symptoms.

Your lawyer may also review your mesothelioma or lung cancer diagnosis, your pathology report, and other health-related information.

An initial case evaluation is a critical first step in the process. The information allows your legal advisor to determine if your case is viable, help you to estimate the potential value of your case, as well as discuss the next steps in the legal process.

We can help you get a free consultation with a mesothelioma lawyer.

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Asbestos Lawsuits: Strategies for Recovering Compensation

When filing a lawsuit, the lawyers must file against every potentially liable party. Through your work history and the asbestos products you came into contact with, many different parties may have been at fault for your exposure to asbestos. Your lawsuit should then hold all liable parties accountable.

In terms of recovering compensation, there are many avenues you can take. An experienced mesothelioma lawyer will ensure you obtain compensation from all available sources.

These include asbestos trust funds, totaling $35 billion and were created by bankrupt asbestos companies, as well as VA benefits and asbestos lawsuits.

File an Asbestos Lawsuit

Victims diagnosed with mesothelioma have the right to sue all liable parties for damages. Victims whose exposure to asbestos lead to a mesothelioma or lung cancer diagnosis have a variety of means for filing an asbestos exposure lawsuit.

Often, these suits must be filed soon after the initial diagnosis due to the statute of limitations. With asbestos lawsuits, your lawsuit may go to trial or settled out of court.

Damages may include lost wages, past and future medical bills, emotional and physical suffering, and more.

File a Wrongful Death Claim

If you lost a loved one to mesothelioma, you’re entitled to damages for your emotional and financial suffering. These lawsuits can include costs for medical bills, funeral expenses, as well as emotional distress. Typically, they must be filed soon after a loved one passes away mesothelioma.

You can file a mesothelioma lawsuit after being diagnosed with mesothelioma. If a family member has passed away from mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer, the family can file a wrongful death lawsuit. In most cases, you and your family will not be required to appear in court, and in some cases, these asbestos lawsuits settle before going to trial.

Filing Asbestos Trust Fund Claims

Bankrupt asbestos companies have set aside trust funds to compensate victims. To date, there is more than $35 billion in these accounts. Your mesothelioma lawyers will help you file a claim and estimate possible values.

File for VA Benefits

Military veterans are one of the most at-risk populations for developing mesothelioma. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs offers several benefits for asbestos exposure victims, including medical coverage and monthly compensation. Benefits are available for children and spouses as well.

With your case, all of these options may be viable for recovering compensation. An experienced mesothelioma lawyer will help you determine which options are right for your specific situation.

Ask a Mesothelioma Lawyer: FAQs

How Long Do I Have to File?

There is a specific amount of time, which is called the statute of limitations, and it depends on the state or jurisdiction.

Typically, you must file an asbestos lawsuit within 1-5 years after the discovery or diagnosis of an asbestos-related illness or mesothelioma. Contact Mesowatch today to learn if you can still pursue a case.

Can I Afford An Asbestos Attorney?

Attorneys in asbestos cases work on a contingency fee basis. This fee means that victims pay nothing until they receive compensation, and the attorney receives a percentage of any payment that is received.

If the case is unsuccessful, the client has no financial responsibility. Before pursuing litigation, discuss this percentage with your attorney.

How Long Before An Asbestos Lawsuit Goes to Trial?

Your attorney will work hard to move your case through the legal process as quickly as possible. Often, this may require filing the lawsuit in a jurisdiction that is favorable to fast-track jury verdicts.

The asbestos law firm you choose should also have a track record of past verdicts and asbestos lawsuit settlements. In some cases, you may receive a trial date within six months of filing.