Also called “oat cell cancer,” it spreads aggressively and rapidly, often leading to fatal symptoms within several weeks if left undiagnosed and untreated. This type of cancer usually originates in bronchial tubes at the center of the lungs before rapidly metastasizing to organs that can include the brain, liver and bone.


Limited-stage cancers can be treated with radiation and chemotherapy, whereas late-stage small cell lung cancer (SCLC) conditions are treated with chemotherapy alone. Because of the wide spread of the tumor cells, SCLC conditions can respond well to chemotherapy.

Small Cell Carcinoma

Small cell carcinoma is a cancerous condition marked by a predominant growth of small cell tumor types. This type of cancer can be rare, but it can also be quite aggressive, as it can spread and grow quickly.

Mixed Small Cell/Large Cell Carcinoma

This type of SCLC exhibits both large cell lung cancer types like adenocarcinoma along with small-cell types characterized by rapid growth and spread. Treating this kind of cancer can involve resection for the large cell tissues and chemotherapy for the small cell tissues.

Combined Small Cell Carcinoma

This type of SCLC exhibits small cell cancer tissue growth along with non-small cell growth that can include squamous cell growth or other similar types.

As the cancer advances and metastasis, several different treatment approaches may be needed, such as resection or radiation therapy for the large masses and chemotherapy for the small cell cancer tissues.

Because of the varied nature of the cancer cells, specialized treatment specific to the growth patterns and health of the patient must be administered, often with gaps between treatment types that can include surgical resection, radiation and chemotherapy.

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