Any person who hasn’t witnessed the pain and struggle of their loved ones with mesothelioma will never be able to understand how severe and heart wrenching this is. Mesothelioma is a disease that stays in the body for years and spreads through all the cells present in the body until its tumors become large enough to identify and show symptoms.

As soon as the symptoms are recognized, cancer spreads rapidly to all the parts of body cruelly. This week a woman from Missouri, whose husband died due to Mesothelioma has issued a public plea for the lawmakers in her state. She was urging them to pursue a better understanding of the disease.

She asked them to reconsider the legislative move that they may make very soon. It has been said that the Missouri lawmakers are planning to bring a law which will make it even more difficult for the Mesothelioma victims to get legal justice against those who are responsible for the disease by exposing people to asbestos.

The plea was published in the guest commentary in The Missourian by Linda Ruch. Linda Ruch’s husband was died last month due to malignant sarcomatous mesothelioma.

He worked as a pipe fitter and union boilermaker for decades in various settings and at all the places, he was exposed to asbestos. He was diagnosed with cancer in April 2018 and underwent surgery as well as chemotherapy for reliving the pain and slowing the tumor.

But all these efforts didn't help him. She explained about the pain her husband went through in his last days. Ms.Ruch explains that the victims of mesothelioma are pursuing claims against the asbestos trust and individual lawsuits against the companies that have exposed them to asbestos, but the entire process is long and troublesome.

She now says that the victims shouldn't be burdened anymore. The elected officials shouldn’t approve any kind of law that will make mesothelioma victims life even more miserable.