Generally, people who worked in high-risk industries for asbestos exposure are most susceptible to developing diseases of mesothelioma or lung cancer from asbestos exposure.

Asbestos was used as insulation in all types of products from hair dryers to oven mitts, protective clothing, boilers, pipes, and cement. Prolonged exposure to asbestos is the number one cause of malignant mesothelioma, rare cancer that has no cure.

Many people who suffer from mesothelioma have legal rights to take action against all the liable parties who may be responsible for their asbestos exposure as the working class continues to age, and the true magnitude of this issue comes to light, more and more workers are being helped to pursue legal action by an asbestos law center.

Pericardial mesothelioma is a type of mesothelioma that impacts the sensitive lining that surrounds the heart. As the toxic particles irritate the cells of this lining and the local tissues, the patient might experience chest pains or heart palpitations. Heart palpitations are used to describe a fluctuation in normal heart functions, such as a racing heart, skipping a heartbeat or heart fluttering.

When to be Concerned about Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are much more common than most people think and are normally no cause for concern. Heart palpitations are often caused by anxiety or consuming stimulates such as caffeine. They will also go away by themselves under normal circumstances. There are rare cases in which heart palpitations could be pointing to a dangerous heart complication.

If you are having palpitations, you should make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. If you are dizzy, having trouble breathing, experiencing chest pain or fainting spells along with your heart palpitations, do not wait. Seek immediate emergency care.

The first task that your doctor will complete will be to conduct a very thorough exam to make sure that there is no underlying cause of your condition, such as symptoms of mesothelioma. If it is found that you do have a condition that is causing your heart palpitations, treatment will be prescribed to aid in recovery. Stress management and counseling can also help you to avoid heart palpitations.

Treatment for Mesothelioma

Great strides have been made in research and development to combat mesothelioma cancer in the most recent years. Though surgery is recommended for some with mesothelioma, a heart surgery can be very risky. Most doctors prescribe chemotherapy or radiation therapy, a nutrition plan, and a pain management outline.

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