Not only does the disease take decades to develop after asbestos exposure, but the symptoms associated with the development of the disease can also be mild and go undetected resulting in diagnosis at a late stage of the disease.

It is important to go for regular medical checkups if you worked in an industry associated with a high risk of asbestos exposure to catch the disease early and improve your chances of survival.

There are numerous symptoms associated with the development of mesothelioma,  loss of appetite and weight loss are commonly seen in patients with mesothelioma, though this can due to a variety of different factors.

Anemia that has been brought on by mesothelioma will cause a patient to feel sluggish and generally unwell. Treatments such as chemotherapy are known to have an impact on the patient’s weight. Also, painful distention of the stomach due to abdominal swelling can bring on an adverse reaction to food.

Managing Loss of Appetite and Weight Loss

It is important that patients with mesothelioma maintain an adequate intake of nutrition. Failing to do so will have a negative impact on the body and make recovering from the trying treatments of mesothelioma very difficult. Medications are often prescribed to stimulate the appetite. These are somewhat effective, though it can take several weeks before results are seen.

Physicians often recommend working with a dietitian to customize a nutrition plan. One recommendation that is quite effective, especially with patients who are suffering from more painful symptoms associated with peritoneal mesothelioma, is consuming smaller portions at more frequent intervals.

This allows the body to absorb the nutrition in smaller components while saving the patient the unnecessary discomfort of becoming too full.

The Impact of Poor Nutrition and Mesothelioma

Loss of appetite and weight loss can impact the patient in more ways than just replenishing the body of vital nourishment. Seeing the body change through treatments as the mesothelioma progresses can have an emotional and psychological toll, resulting in severe depression. It is important that patients seek to optimize their nutritional intake in order to achieve an improved quality of life.

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