Many abdominal lumps, such as lipomas, are not harmful and do not require emergency care.

Most of the time, abdominal lumps form when a person strains due to heavy lifting or coughing. This is known as a hernia. Abdominal lumps can also have a more sinister underlying cause, such as mesothelioma cancer.

How do you know if a lump under the abdominal skin warrants a trip to a local emergency room? If you are experiencing a feeling of general unwellness, have a fever or your lump is painful or tender, you may need emergency care. Rarely, an abdominal lump is a cancerous tumor. Depending on its type and location, your physician may recommend surgery to remove the lump.

Lumps Under Abdominal Skin as a Symptom of Mesothelioma

As previously noted, abdominal lumps can indicate mesothelioma tumors are developing. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that can take decades to develop . It is often the result of prolonged exposure to the previously popular construction material asbestos. If you have ever worked with asbestos or in a place where it was used, you may have been exposed to the toxic fibers. These fibers enter the body by digestion or inhalation. Once they make their way to the interior, they cannot be expelled.

The symptoms of mesothelioma can take up to 50 years to become prominent. Often times, mesothelioma is misdiagnosed as a less aggressive medical condition. The most common symptoms include chest pains, trouble breathing and pain in the abdomen. Patients may also experience weight loss and loss of appetite. In rare circumstances, mesothelioma tumors may be visible on the abdomen as lumps under the abdominal skin. This is normally after the disease has progressed to more advanced stages.

Treatment for Mesothelioma Tumors

Treatment for mesothelioma cancer is subjective depending on the type, stage and symptoms that the patient is experiencing. Generally, a treatment plan will include surgery to remove tumors, chemotherapy or radiation therapy to combat the cancerous cells, a nutrition plan and a pain management regimen. Unfortunately, though while great progress has been made in recent years, there is no cure for mesothelioma. For an improved prognosis, early diagnosis is critical.

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