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Asbestos Exposure Jobsites in Nashville Area

Our legal team here at Mesowatch have seen firsthand the heartache a lung cancer or mesothelioma diagnosis can bring into loved ones lives. We are dedicated and passionate about assisting patients and families affected by asbestos exposure. Nashville, Tennessee has many industries and jobsites where asbestos exposure has a strong history in the construction and development of Nashville.

This is unfortunately putting workers and residents at a heightened risk of developing mesothelioma or lung cancer due to the toxic mineral. Our legal team here has dedicated their focus on lung cancer and mesothelioma lawsuits. Our investigational methods and in depth knowledge of all asbestos companies, manufacturers, products and materials will ensure we take in account every possible liable party.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer due to asbestos exposure in Nashville or surrounding area’s of Tennessee , you have the rights to make a claim. We will represent you with our thorough investigational methods to ensure we account every potential liable party.

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Asbestos Exposure Jobsites in Nashville Area

The use of asbestos in industrial factories, construction sites and chemical facilities throughout Tennessee have contributed to over 600 asbestos related deaths in the state from 1999 to 2010, with mesothelioma diagnosed patients accounting for over 490 of these deaths. Tennessee currently ranks in the top 20 states for deaths related to asbestos exposure. Our experienced asbestos lawyers serving Memphis, Tennessee and surrounding areas will provide you with a free and confidential case evaluation for your mesothelioma or lung cancer diagnosis.

Below is a partial list of high risk asbestos exposure sites in Nashville that were known to contain asbestos products or materials.

  • Ford Motor Plant
  • Nashville Steam Plant
  • Swift and Co. Neuhoff Packing
  • Tennessee Boiler Company
  • Dpc Goodyear Tire
  • Dupont
  • Warner Iron Company
  • Ford Glass Plant

It is very important to understand that the state of Tennessee has a strict statute of limitations that impacts the timeframe you have to file an asbestos claim. If you have any questions or concerns, our legal team is here for you.

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