A phase III clinical trial for gene therapy has been long awaited. It is estimated that this gene therapy has the ability to change malignant pleural mesothelioma treatment in the near future. It has been decided that this trial would include almost fifty centers all around the world.

These centers are to be opened in the month of April itself for the mesothelioma patients the standard treatment of whom has stopped showing its result.

The gene therapy drug used in this treatment is known as TR002. This drug is also a form of immunotherapy as well. This drug is to be used in combination with gemcitabine chemotherapy in the form of a second-line setting.

The principal investigator of this gene therapy, Dr. Daniel Sterman who is employed in the New York University Langone Medical Centre has stated that at the initial phase it is quite difficult for them to predict the exact outcome of the gene therapy.

However, all the team members involved in this gene therapy are quite excited regarding the potential that this process possesses. They are also quite enthusiastic about the fact that there could be the usage of another drug in the armamentarium for these patients.

The clinical trial on gene therapy is going to take place after undergoing almost twenty years of research. The initiation of research for the clinical trial began at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine under the guidance of Dr. Steven M Albelda.

The gene therapy drug TR002 is a genetically engineered adenovirus. This drug is used as it triggers the antitumor effects of interferon naturally occurring protein that is known to kill cancer-causing cells.

Specific earlier studies that had been conducted on the effects of this gene therapy drug have been quite impressive and is assumed that it will succeed in improving the quality of life of the cancer patients.