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Asbestos Lawyers Serving Victims of Mesothelioma in the San Diego Area

Our legal team at Mesowatch assist families and victims of mesothelioma or asbestos-related cancers in San Diego, California. Our legal team connects you with our Nation’s leading mesothelioma lawyers with proven history of successful settlements in your unique case. Our asbestos attorneys are dedicated to you and provide the respect and personal attention you deserve.

It is very important to understand that the state of California has a strict statute of limitations that impacts the timeframe you have to file an asbestos claim. Our team understands every asbestos claim is unique and connecting you with an accomplished mesothelioma lawyer to represent and protect your rights is the most important decision.

Our main goal is to connect you with the best mesothelioma law firm proven to have the in depth knowledge of the asbestos containing products and materials that resulted your exposure.

If you have any questions or concerns, our legal team is here for you. Our mesothelioma lawyers serving San Diego and surrounding areas will provide you with a free and confidential case evaluation.

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Asbestos Exposure in San Diego, California

It is unfortunate that there are many occupations and industries that have contained and even currently today contain asbestos in San Diego. Throughout the state of California there are superfund sites where widespread use of asbestos has put nearby residents at a heightened risk of asbestos exposure.

The state of California ranks #1 in our nation for deaths related to asbestos exposure and with asbestos not being completely banned the mineral is currently used in multiple manufacturing processes of many products. San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego are the most affected area’s that result in asbestos related deaths.

The EPA has assigned multiple locations in California as hazardous sites and many sites are naturally occurring asbestos areas. Below are a few known high risk asbestos exposure sites that have contained asbestos.

  • San Diego Power Plant
  • NASSCO General Dynamics
  • Sun Harbor Industries
  • Steel Packing Company
  • South Bay Powerhouse
  • Campbell Shipyard
  • Gulf General Atomic
  • San Diego Sewer Treatment Plant

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Military Veterans Asbestos Exposure in San Diego

San Diego has multiple military bases on the EPA’s National Priorities List of contaminated asbestos sites. Hundreds of Military bases and facilities contained asbestos flooring tiles, ceiling tiles, insulations and asbestos containing cement.

Asbestos was also used in thousands of military vehicles in the form of brakes, gaskets and insulation. Navy Veterans completed tours on vessels, submarines and other ships that contained several tons of asbestos. Most ships contain over 300 asbestos containing products and materials. Below are known asbestos Military sites

  • San Diego Naval Air Station
  • San Diego Naval Shipyard
  • San Diego Naval Base
  • Naval Station 32nd Street
  • San Diego Marine Base
  • Southwest Marine Shipyard
  • Port Nimitz Naval Base
  • Point Loma Naval Submarine Base

Veterans of the Military unfortunately make up a large percent of mesothelioma victims due to constantly working with asbestos containing products and materials. The large amount of asbestos that was used in thousands of military vehicle products such as brakes, gaskets and insulation.

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