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Asbestos Lawyers Serving Victims of Mesothelioma in the San Jose Area

Our legal team at Mesowatch is dedicated to assist families and victims of mesothelioma or asbestos-related cancers in San Jose, California. Our legal team ensures you are in the hands of a leading mesothelioma law firm with a proven history of successful asbestos related settlements. Our legal team has the in-depth knowledge of the asbestos industries and asbestos containing products and materials.

If you have any questions or concerns, our legal team is here for you. Our mesothelioma lawyers serving San Jose and surrounding areas will provide you with a free and confidential case evaluation. Our teams knowledge of asbestos litigation will ensure your rights are protected when obtaining financial assistance in this devastating and overwhelming time in your life.

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Asbestos Exposure in San Jose, California

San Jose has a strong history of construction and manufacturing that contained asbestos. The city and surrounding area’s are known to have a heightened risk of asbestos exposure.

The state of California ranks #1 in our nation for deaths related to asbestos exposure. The mineral asbestos not being completely banned leaves human exposure still a threat throughout California. San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego are the most affected area’s that result in asbestos related deaths.

The EPA has assigned multiple locations in California as hazardous sites. Below are a few known high risk asbestos exposure sites that have contained asbestos.

  • Accent Manufacturing Plant
  • Armstrong Corporation
  • Barron and Gray Packing Company
  • Burke Rubber Company
  • National Preserves Company
  • Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Western Electric

There are billions of dollars currently available in asbestos trusts funds with a sole purpose of assisting families and victims with a diagnosis related to asbestos exposure. We understand how devastating a lung cancer or mesothelioma diagnosis can affect a family. We have dedicated our practice to serving victims and families throughout California.

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