Researchers at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center performed the phase I clinical trial. They were successfully able to kill tumors with the help of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy.

Once the trial was completed, no toxicity was found. The Memorial researchers concluded that through this trail method, solid tumors, in some cases, the advanced stage, can be successfully killed and removed permanently.

The (CAR) T-cell therapy is based on the CAR T cells, which are nothing but the T-cells. The cells are designed such that they can attack a particular protein. The mesothelin is the protein here and found in tumor cells of cancer-causing mesothelioma.

The (CAR) T-cell therapy has been already used on patients suffering from blood cancer, with excellent results. However, for patients suffering from solid tumors, the results are not the same.

According to the MD, deputy chief of thoracic surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), Prasad S. Adusumilli, “Those who are having a solid tumor at the last stage as seen in mesothelioma and also lung cancer, the (CAR) T-cell therapy offers them with a high success rate.

Prasad S. Adusumilli and Michel Sadelain, MD, Ph.D., have come up with the therapy, which makes use of the CAR T cells. Human components are used in this case. If the patient does not respond well to the treatment, the cells can be turned off immediately.

Prasad S. Adusumilli feels that as many as 2 million patients can benefit through this therapy method in the United States of America alone. The CAR T cells were directly injected in 19 participants having mesothelioma and most of them had successful outcomes.

This is good news for patients who are suffering from malignant mesothelioma and are looking for a successful medical treatment. They will be glad to know that the tests provide them with the hope that they are looking for.