How to Become a Contributor?

If you are a talented writer and share the same concerns about feeling passionately educating society on asbestos exposure and mesothelioma we would love to hear from you. Here’s what you need to know:

Article Length

There’s no minimum or maximum word count, however, we value our readers time and attention so we would like to ensure all posts are insightful and properly structured and easy to read. Therefore word count will depend on the topic of discussion.

Writing Tone & Subject matter

Our readers come to us for useful insights and advice that will help provide answers to either experiencing symptoms related to asbestos-exposure, a recent diagnosis in the family, treatments, clinical trials, legal processes such as bankruptcy trust funds and current up to date news related to settlements & verdicts.

Original Content

If you would like to contribute, and offering original content for our blog please get in touch.


We are a voluntary organization, supported through the generosity and support of contributors, We are able to provide a bio and link to your website and/or social media accounts and will actively promote your articles to our readers and social followers referencing you as the contributor and author.


Please keep in mind that we may edit or adjust slightly for formatting.

Imagery Guidelines

Great imagery will help draw the most attention and readers to your article, please know to provide large or high-resolution imagery. (We suggest landscape photos that are 1000px width 72DPI) Please ensure that you own the copyright or authorized to use photos.

Write For Us

Asbestos exposure has had a long-lasting and fatal impact in our country, Our goal is to educate people about the health risks and causes caused from asbestos exposure while providing reliable and up to date news and featured stories providing information on Mesothelioma treatments, clinical trials while bringing together a community where others can connect and seek emotional support. We want to give voice to the victims and strive to effect a real change in society.

Let’s chat! Share Your Story

Please provide your author details and link to your submitted post via Google document for approval, a member of our editorial staff will review and respond within 24hrs.

  • MesoWatch will treat all your information received via phone or online communications with confidentiality. We will not share, disclose or sell information with anyone.